Hawaii Destination Weddings: A Page Out Of Your Fairytale Book

One of the major reasons to opt for a destination wedding is because it’s you—completely. Destination wedding can be a fairly personal affair which includes the two of you and a handpicked variety of your close ones, or what you can splurge on is a week-long family vacation at a place of your choice. As mentioned earlier, a destination wedding is all about you.

Hawaii destination weddings are quite popular these days. Major reasons? The flexibility that Hawaii beach weddings provide is something that ‘to be’ spouses cannot forego. It is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Honeymoon, happy resorts, and cruise lines are the sirens call to wedding planners of the family, deciding on what all fun to dig at—the ultimate wedding experience.

Hawaii destination weddings come with a lot of plus points. It’s unlike those grand hometown weddings that dig a wide a hole in your pockets. So here are the advantages of Hawaii beach wedding:


1) Low On Family Drama: Trust me; you don’t need those criticizing nags at your wedding who find fault in every second arrangement. There’s this tagline called screen-stealing family drama. It’s all about you, why share the limelight?!


2) Cost Effective: Hawaii wedding venue are the best advantageous reasons to vouch in for a beach wedding. The Aloha state has non-stop flight coverage from over a dozen major U.S. States. So yes, traveling expenses have been costed. Wedding venue selection ranges from villages to resorts and vintage beach weddings. Local wedding planners are superb when it comes to costing and budgeting—worth your money.


3) Shots In Your Name: I know, really! If you are the baby of the family or your near and dear ones are into Mother Hen syndrome, this is the liberation you get. Calling shots and getting things done in your way.


4) Reunion-izing: Weddings are a farfetched get together. Hawaii destination weddings are all about welcoming you with open arms and giving you a homely vibe.


5) Nothing Stops You: You might want to try out something new in your wedding because it’s all about you at the end of the day. Check something off your bucket list. Be it skydiving, paragliding or sea diving, all options are on the plate. Make Hawaii destination wedding your getaway. You can go double honeymoon-ing. A mini-moon at Hawaii and then you can go for a full-fledged one at you designated location.


There’s so much more to explore. From wedding venue hunt to mingling around with the local culture that at times allows you to gain special discounts and royalty rights, it is a sure fun thing to choose the islands of Hawaii as your wedding destination.


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Destination weddings are reviving their charm. Hawaii being one of the most sought after location when it comes to going around for a matrimonial getaway.


Advantages of a destination as enlisted above are sincerely gratifying. You can avoid all the fuss and unnecessary implications that come along with weddings if you opt for a themed one.
It is simple and easy, overwhelming, a page out of your favorite fantasy book.
Which chapter are you on?
Think. Think.

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